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I’ve started contributing to Why We Web’s blog. Why We Web (WWW) is an organization dedicated to helping Christians navigate the digital pathways of the 21st century. They host seminars and webcasts, review software, and host the WWW blog. Go read my first post!

“…only 10-15 million of those units are currently being used as PC replacements. In fact they replace paper, not PCs, whether it is pilots taking tablets into the cockpit, doctors reviewing medical records in hospitals, restaurants showing wine lists, or boards of directors using them as binders. While the enterprise PC installed base is about 500 million, at most 15 million enterprise tablets are being used as someone’s principal computing device.”

Adam Laats writes the following:

Building an anti-creationist argument on the foundation that creationism disables technical education, as does Tanenbaum and other prominent pro-science voices such as Bill Nye, is both a false claim and poor strategy.

This is common sense, and it makes me sad to see people like Bill Nye miss this completely and fall instead into baseless rhetoric.