This website runs on WordPress and uses the excellent Memoir theme by Jake Caputo of DesignCrumbs.

I have made the following modifications to the theme:

  • Reduced blockquote font size to 18px and eliminated the little dot at the top of the vertical insert
  • Edited the dropdown boxes in the widgets (.postform) to make them match the theme better
  •  Reduced the space between posts
  • Changed the spacing between the post title and first paragraph and eliminated the byline
  • Tweaked margins around the images
  • Added styling for superscript so that it doesn’t create a gap between it and the line above  [ sup {  vertical-align: baseline;  font-size: 0.8em;  position: relative;  top: -0.6em; } ]

Plugins being used (outside of the normal set):

  • Social Login – Allows login using social network credentials
  • Brankic Twitter Widget – Shows recent tweets in footer
  • WP-Footnotes – Easy creation of footnotes in posts.  I was using Civil Footnotes but it’s basically a clone of WP-F tweaked to look like daringfireball.com’s footnotes, minus the admin panel. I tweaked WP-Footnotes to add a tooltip on the backlink arrow, inserted a horizontal rule, and padded the space between the bottom of the post and the horizontal rule.