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Software Pick – Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Screenshot

This is my go-to software for video conversion. It does almost everything I want. You can create slideshows from pictures, rip Blu-ray and DVDs, convert and save YouTube and other streaming video files, add music,  and join files. I have yet to find a media file it can’t recognize. It even converted video clips in an obscure format from an 6 year old feature phone I had thrown in a box. It supports more than 200 file formats.

On the export side, it can convert to just about any format. It has templates for nearly every style of mobile device, can create HTML5 videos, can burn Blu-ray and DVDs as well as create ISOs, and it can strip audio from YouTube files and save them as MP3s. It will also upload video to YouTube. It supports subtitle files on DVD burns, so if you make a disk from a ripped movie you can get the subtitles back. It also has video editing capabilities.  Lastly, it supports batch processing, and you can put multiple media types in the same batch.

I have two gripes, though. The first is that, while you can add music to a slideshow, you can’t create a slideshow with both video and photos in the same presentation. The second is that the software will change your search settings if you don’t choose “Custom Installation” and uncheck that option. Also, Mac users are out of luck, this is Windows only. Sorry.

You can download Freemake Video Converter here.



“…only 10-15 million of those units are currently being used as PC replacements. In fact they replace paper, not PCs, whether it is pilots taking tablets into the cockpit, doctors reviewing medical records in hospitals, restaurants showing wine lists, or boards of directors using them as binders. While the enterprise PC installed base is about 500 million, at most 15 million enterprise tablets are being used as someone’s principal computing device.”