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Music Pick: Song for Bob

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From the “I don’t know how in the world it didn’t win a Oscar” category, it’s Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ soundtrack to the lengthily named movie, The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford. This particular track, Song for Bob, is a six minute opus of strings, piano, and bass. The track has near-perfect timing, adding new layers moments before the previous ones become repetitive, keeping an ambient feel while leaving you humming a tune.

A Song for Bob starts with a sequence of piano chords, then drops them for a layer of rich strings that maintain the chord progession. After about 1:30, a single violin begins to assert itself with hints of a melody. Just when it seems like it’s going to fade, the piano returns to strengthen the tune. After a few measures the violin revives, and the two duet to the emerging melody. Finally, a strong bass rhythm joins in, working towards a crescendo as the strings build. Finally, the song peaks and the heavy chords fade, and the trio of piano, bass, and violin coast to a halt.

While this is the most successful piece on the soundtrack, the entire album is fantastic. Get it.